We are a group of photographers of diverse backgrounds, influences and interests, who share a passion for taking and making images.  This diversity is evident in the variety of photographs on show, and demonstrates the differences of thought and versatility of approach, to the subjects of our choice.

The Group has exhibited together for several years, each photographer's personal work is highlighted in small panels.

Our prints are for sale, for more details please use the contact form.  Most prices are in the range of £80 - £125.


Jay Charnock FRPS APAGB

Jay came late to photography, and what started as a mildly entertaining hobby has grown into passion/obsession. She follows no particular genre and will photograph anything which attracts, intrigues or amuses her. She is currently Secretary of The London Salon of Photography. An active member of the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society, she is also a judge of the Surrey Photographic Association.


Nenne van Dijk FRPS DPAGB

As a professional artist (retired) Nenne's aim is to push her photo image towards the Art side of photography.  She has been published and received a few awards over the years.  She used to give talks and judged for clubs.  http://www.beckenhamphotosoc.org.uk


Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP BPE5*

Rosemary's photographic interests are diverse and include travel, landscape, natural history and 'whatever takes my eye'.  Most creative aspects of her work are in camera with the computer used to control image quality.  In 2011 Rosemary completed two years as President of The Royal Photographic Society and now enjoys more time for her own photography. A member of both Epsom Camera Club http://www.epsomcc.org.uk and Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society  Rosemary also enters exhibitions, lectures and judges.



Penny Anderson ARPS DPAGB 

Penny enjoys all aspects of photography – from finding the image all the way through to the printing. She loves to challenge herself and at the moment is having fun trying ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and multiple exposures in camera. http://www.pennyanderson.photography


Sandy White DPAGB

Sandy’s interest in photography has been mainly in wildlife and nature and she has had work accepted in national competitions receiving awards for some of her images.  Recently her photographic interests have evolved into landscapes and she continues to grow by taking up new challenges. She is an active member of Beckenham Photographic Society.



Lesley Rees ARPS

Lesley particularly enjoys photographing in the outdoors – from impressionistic landscapes to details of patterns and textures.  Architecture is another source of inspiration, especially the shapes and colours of modern buildings.  Favourite locations include Scotland and London as well as coastal areas throughout the UK.  Lesley has been a member of Beckenham Photographic Society for 20 years and is currently President of the Society.